“The man is a genius. Surpassed all my expectations and I only wish I would have done it sooner and hopefully this will help those in the same position. I had a Lower face lift and searched for years and was to afraid to make a decision until I went to see him. I look 10 years younger – recovery was fast, nurses are amazing and a must (don’t even think of not hiring them). Just the best experience ever. Hope this helps”

-Review from Vitals

Hands Down the Very Best

“For the last several years, I had been looking for the right surgeon to perform my rhinoplasty. After several consults with surgeons in NYC I was still nervous and unsure. When I finally met with Dr. Rosenberg, I knew, he was the right doctor for me. His artistic eye, gentle demeanor and world class reputation convinced me. Now that I am 1-month out, I realize, I made the best possible decision. Not only was Dr. Rosenberg correct in suggesting that I have a chin implant but he also gave me the nose I always wanted. My recovery was almost pain-free with barely any bruising. I returned to seeing my own patients (9) days later. The entire process was an experience; his staff are professional, knowledgeable and provide an exceptional service. You feel like you are in an elite spa rather than a surgeon’s office. I have never looked better and the best part, no one seems to know what exactly is different. Most of my closest friends just think that I lost weight. It was a masterfully executed surgery with subtle changes that make all the difference. I recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his team without reservation.”

-Review from Vitals

Top Notch Doctor and Staff!!!


“Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are top notch. From when I decided to do a facelift I went to meet with Dr. Rosenberg and never interviewed anyone else. Great decision by me! I had seen his work and had only heard the best comments from all who knew of him. From the pre op to the post op everything went so smoothly. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff work together as a team to make your experience flawless. Dr. Rosenberg’s hands are those of an artist. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and with the whole entire memory of the surgery. The attention to detail by everyone in the office was outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Rosenberg to anyone who wants the perfect experience with the best results!”

-Review from Google

Phenomenal Experience!!!

“It has been 6 months since my lower facelift and I have been trying to find the words to describe my phenomenal experience with Dr. Rosenberg and his staff. To begin with, Dr. Rosenberg has the loveliest bedside manner. He is kind, gentle and easy to talk to. I felt completely comfortable in his experienced hands. I had my surgery and I would go so far as to say the recovery was an enjoyable experience. His incredible nurses take such good care of you . It was hard to leave! I had minimal downtime and bruising. No pain. The results have been life changing. I don’t feel like a vain person , but I was looking older than I felt and it was getting me down. After the surgery on my first post op visit I saw my before photo and burst into tears. My results were so natural – I felt and looked like ME again . It looked like my face before it started to sag. The person I felt like inside matched the outside. Dr. Rosenberg completely exceeded my expectations. People have said I look amazing , but no-one can tell I’ve had surgery. It’s so subtle. Dr. Rosenberg is the only surgeon I would ever trust with my face. He is a gem and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-Review from Google

Dr. Rosenberg is the Best Gift I Have Ever Given Myself!!!

“I am ecstatic with the results of the surgery that Dr. Rosenberg performed. The results are amazing. Indeed, I don’t have sufficient superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately give testimony about Dr. Rosenberg: he is a brilliant surgeon; a kind, considerate, patient and caring man with an enormous generosity of spirit and I felt confident as soon as I met him. My entire experience, from the first telephone call to Dr. Rosenberg’s office to the post-surgery appointments, was exceptional. The nurses (both the staff nurses and the nurses chosen by Dr. Rosenberg’s office for my post-op care) and the anesthesiologist were kind, compassionate and gentle. The office staff are so very accommodating and the nurses in his office are amazingly gentle, knowledgeable and supportive. I felt so pampered and cared for: Dr. Rosenberg’s staff took care of every aspect of the process and I didn’t have to be concerned about anything. Whenever I had a question (such as about my post-op stay at a nearby hotel with nursing care), I would call the office and, to my delight, was told that the staff had taken care of all the arrangements. Dr. Rosenberg made himself available almost immediately to answer any questions I had regarding the surgery. There was nothing for me to do except relax and enjoy the process – which I did.

Before the surgery, I never was described as pretty (and certainly not beautiful), but now friends and family often tell me that I am beautiful. Dr. Rosenberg saw beauty in my face and, with his inimical surgical skills and artist’s eye, he brought out that beauty. I am extraordinarily happy. When I look in the mirror, I no longer see that old and tired face with the ravages of age: gone are the bags under my eyes; the “turkey neck”; the deep crevasses on my face; and the jowls. I now see a beautifully sculpted face that is youthful, natural and relaxed but certainly doesn’t shout, “This woman had a facelift.” I am a 72-year old woman who looks in her 50’s – how fabulous! Amazingly, 3 weeks after the surgery, I was out to dinner and the opera with friends and I looked great.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Rosenberg – he is fabulous and I so highly recommend him to anyone who is contemplating cosmetic surgery. I am thrilled that I chose him and you will be too – cosmetic surgery with Dr. Rosenberg is the best gift I have ever given myself.”

-Review from Google

There Was Almost No Swelling or Bruising

“Dr. Rosenberg is really unique. His technique is unique. There’s was almost no swelling or bruising after surgery. His pre surgical instructions create a meticulous beginning to what ends up as a beautiful, natural result. I could not be happier. His office staff is great. They are knowledgeable and available. His nurses, all RN’s and his anesthesiologist create a sense of calm, competence and a feeling of being in the best of hands. Dr. Rosenberg himself is a delight and also obviously quite serious about his work. He thinks it through with you, asks lots of questions, gives feedback and explains everything carefully. You don’t feel rushed and you do feel listened to. That’s pretty unusual in my experience. I could not be happier.”

-Review from Yelp

So Pleased!


“My experience with Dr. Rosenberg was above and beyond what I could have ever expected. This was a revision rhinoplasty therefore it was a huge and scary decision to trust someone again. I could not have felt more comforted and confident after my initial consultation- I immediately knew he was the right doctor. My results are absolutely stunning and the recovery was a breeze! I was able to attend mother’s day brunch 3 days later with no bruising or pain. Best decision you will ever make is to come here for any issues you may be having. SO PLEASED!!! Thank you for such a spectacular result and experience.”

-Review from Yelp

Master Surgeon – Manhattan, NY


“I have experience with other top NYC surgeons and found them uncaring and uninterested, allowing residents to perform surgery that was inept and made for very long healing periods with massive bruising -doing work like an assembly line. I specifically choose Dr. Rosenberg for his commitment to a highly individualized approach, as well his unwillingness to allow any others to perform my procedure. Having had work done by other high profile NYC Plastic Surgeons, I cannot overstate the excellence of Dr. Rosenberg. He so delicately handles tissues that downtime is no more than a week. His work is so masterful, so carefully personalized that the end result is completely natural. Every member of his staff is superbly trained; your nurses are incredibly competent having been personally trained by Dr. Rosenberg. Every need is anticipated, every detail is attended to-this is the most individualized surgical experience I have ever encountered. No other surgeon touches you except Dr. Rosenberg – this is the exception in NYC. Your outcome will be aesthetically perfect for you.”

-Review from RealSelf

It has been one year since Dr. Rosenberg operated…

“It has been one year since Dr. Rosenberg operated to essentially reconstruct my face. I am thrilled with the result and could not recommend Dr. Rosenberg more highly. I had been thinking of plastic surgery for several years but was a believer in “aging gracefully”. That is until a friend sent me a picture taken on a trip! I began asking around for referrals to plastic surgeons. My requirements, other than excellence, were that he only do faces and that he does his own cutting and stitching. This is Dr. Rosenberg. I had referrals to Dr. Rosenberg from doctors and friends. I made an appointment for a consultation and came away with the surgical date. I followed surgery with the recommended two nights in a hotel with wonderful nurses. I felt little pain but rather discomfort. I was able to go out in 2 weeks and thereafter just kept getting better. The past year has been wonderful. I look like the younger me. Totally natural–not pulled at all. Friends keep telling me how terrific and how young I look. Dr. Rosenberg is a true artist. It’s amazing to me that he could see how I had looked as a younger person and reconstruct that!”

-Review from RealSelf

Exceptional is an understatement

“Dr Rosenberg is nothing short of exceptional. He is an extremely talented surgeon with an artistic eye and warm and calming nature. From the moment I stepped into his beautiful office, I was graced by his helpful staff. Dr Rosenberg is honest and will explain to you as the provider exactly what he thinks will enhance your natural beauty. He also listens to the patients’ needs and throughout my whole consultation I was amazed. After visiting other top surgeons in NYC, I was set on Dr. Rosenberg after only a few minutes of our conversation. On the day of surgery Dr Rosenberg, his anesthesiologist and entire team made me feel comfortable and safe. I was greeted with smiles all around and an impeccable bedside manner from start to recovery. Recovery was a breeze! Many of my friends who had rhinoplasties suffered from large bruising, sharp pain and extreme swelling. However, Dr. Rosenberg’s skill left me in little to no pain having to only take Tylenol. I was barely bruised and my swelling was mild. My nose which was once bulbous, droopy and wide, is now a perfect fit for my face. I don’t even want to wear makeup! Even though many doctors told me I was unable to achieve my desired look due to thick skin, Dr. Rosenberg assured me otherwise. My nose tip is refined, exactly the way I pictured, without making me look fake. Those who don’t know me would never know I had surgery, they would just think I was born with a perfect nose. He made my confidence skyrocket and I love smiling now. Dr Rosenberg is worth every penny (lots and lots of them)! I really look up to Dr Rosenberg. Anyone who is interested in a rhinoplasty I am sending his way! Thank you thank you thank you!”

-Review from RealSelf

Best Decision!

“Facelift and eye lids (aka blepharoplasty bilateral upper) done. My goal: create a refreshed natural improvement in my appearance by reducing sagging skin. I am 100% elated with entire experience. I did my homework over a few years to find the best surgeon to achieve my goals. It was worth every minute of effort and every dollar invested. David Rosenberg, MD listened carefully to my concerns and goals. He is an extraordinarily gifted surgeon. When you combine his surgical experience with his great communication skills, and laser sharp attention to detail I was confident I had chosen the best practice. During my initial consultation Dr Rosenberg selected from (what seemed hundreds of images) several faces of prior patients with similar concerns and facial attributes to mine. He showed the before and after images, I couldn’t wait to be added to the bunch! I am thrilled with the excellent results, my face and neck now outwardly match my inner self and that truly feels so wonderful. From the consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, his professional office staff, experienced nursing staff, detailed instructions and lots of valuable information, nurses readily available to answer pre op and post op questions/concerns, post op private nurses for first 48 hours post op, two post op visits, and my rapid recovery. Every aspect managed by Dr. Rosenberg and his team with absolute perfection. I am thankful for each and every one of them.”

-Review from RealSelf

He is an Artist. Superb Result!

“10 days post. I’m thrilled with my result! I’m so glad I did a ton of research to finally find Dr. Rosenberg! With my saggy jowls and fat pads that went south, to a buccal fat problem plus an asymmetrical face, I was a long way from my very photogenic youthful days. Everything that needed to be done was so well explained by Dr R (I like to know details, and he was very patient and kind:) It’s barely been 2 weeks since surgery and my results are fantastic. The man has a gentle touch and an artist’s sensibility. Kudos to the staff and the very sweet nurses who were so professional and lovely to deal with. I just couldn’t be happier.”

-Review from RealSelf

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