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Why Money Can’t Buy a Good Facelift

Town and Country Magazine / October 2014

You can have access to the best surgeons in the country, funds to travel there, and the time to recover here, but what really matters is who’s doing the cutting. The man whose hands have sliced into some of the most famous faces in the world, New York facial plastic surgeon David Rosenberg, shares his advice on the five things to mull over before you go under the knife.

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Vogue Magazine / April 2014

In the war against the wrinkle, old-school surgery is losing out to non-invasive procedures. But are they any better, asks Kathleen Baird-Murray…

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New York Magazine / August 2008

He is the beneficiary of a whisper campaign … for his subtle face-lifts and coveted nose jobs. The fashion magazines have been writing about him. In fact, just a few days after I met him, I had dinner with a good friend who is the publisher of one of those magazines. When I told her I was working on a piece about plastic surgery, she leaned in and whispered, “You must talk to David Rosenberg.

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Vogue Magazine / August 2011

Dr. Rosenberg is known for his light touch and natural aesthetic. … His targeted jaw-rejuvenation surgery (which leaves incisions inside and behind each ear) lifts and redrapes the muscle.

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About Face

Vogue Magazine / January 2011

Scalpel or needle? Dermatologist or surgeon? Now, or maybe just a little bit later? After years of waffling, Dodie Kazanjian finally musters the courage to turn back the clock.

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