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Vogue Magazine / August 2011

Dr. Rosenberg is known for his light touch and natural aesthetic. … His targeted jaw-rejuvenation surgery (which leaves incisions inside and behind each ear) lifts and redrapes the muscle.

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About Face

Vogue Magazine / January 2011

Scalpel or needle? Dermatologist or surgeon? Now, or maybe just a little bit later? After years of waffling, Dodie Kazanjian finally musters the courage to turn back the clock.

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Speaking Volume

Town and Country Magazine / August 2010

The rule of thumb to when it’s time for a face-lift is this: if there’s so much “redundant skin” or skin laxity on the neck that fillers, Botox and even regular laser treatments aren’t helping anymore, it’s time for the scalpel. … According to Dr. Rosenberg, “It’s often at fifty-two or fifty-four, with the loss of hormones at menopause, that a woman will develop loose skin to a degree that requires the lift.

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The Deep Plane Face-Lift

Town and Country Magazine / December 2009

In recent years, an increasing number of doctors and their patients have gravitated towards a more natural look … “With the traditional lift, the skin can be pulled too tight,” says New York’s David Rosenberg, M.D., who is board certified in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology and is known for his understated work.

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Without a Trace

Vogue Magazine / August 2008

Increasingly, she says, her favorite contractor is Rosenberg. “He’s a perfectionist; he pays attention to every detail.”And it is the details – if you do it right – that are tackled first, and separately. ‘The idea is to give you back structure and vitality without a sign of surgery,’ Rosenberg says.

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The Illusionist

Elle Magazine / June 2008

In the fiercely competitive world of best-of-the-best beauty docs, referrals can be the highest form of praise. So when uber-derm Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD PhD, describes facial plastic surgeon David Rosenberg, MD, as “remarkable … the master of minimalism,” you know he’s not just good – he’s really good.

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The Even Couple

Plastic Surgery Products / August 2007

Manhattan face specialist David Rosenberg, MD, and oculoplastic surgeon Jessica Lattman, MD, believe in possibilities. And, for them, the greatest possibilities of all exist in the operating room, where youthful looks are recaptured with the help of special surgical strategies Rosenberg and Lattman themselves have developed.

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Stars Aux Etats-Unis

Elle Magazine, French Edition / February 2006

Listed as one of the best “beauty doctors” by the New York Times and New York Magazine, this shooting star of the Upper East Side recruits from word of mouth from California to London. One of his patients, seen at his practice a month after neck lift calls him “the best doctor in the world.

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ForbesLife Executive Woman / November 2008

I’m impressed by how many patients I meet who are this type of woman,” says Manhattan facial plastic surgeon David Rosenberg, M.D. “They’re executives, lawyers, bankers — people who want to work longer, not retire at 58. And they want to look like they’re on their A-game, to appear as defined and rested as possible without a trace of surgery. That communicates confidence and wellness.

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