Nose Surgery / Nose Job

The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face. When beautiful, it highlights the eyes, the mouth, and the cheeks. When the nose is out of proportion, the whole face becomes less appealing. This is why a rhinoplasty can have such a huge effect on one’s appearance and self image.

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Our Approach

Some dislike the nose they were born with or the way age has changed its shape and size. Others may be seeking to repair damage or distortion caused by prior surgery or injury. As the centerpiece of the face, even a slight alteration of the nose can greatly enhance one’s looks.

Most patients requesting Rhinoplasty feel their noses droop and are too large for their faces. In these instances a beautiful and natural result makes their whole face more attractive.

What to Expect

Board certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Rosenberg provides his patients with the highest level of training and expertise. As a nationally recognized authority in rhinoplasty, Dr. Rosenberg uses the most advanced surgical techniques to sculpt an attractive and natural appearing nose.

The Procedure

When performing a rhinoplasty, Dr. Rosenberg emphasizes preservation of nasal breathing and structural support. He uses cartilage grafts and struts to help ensure excellent long-term outcomes and to rebuild structure during revision rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg’s Rapid Recovery Method minimizes the convalescence and allows most patients to return to a normal routine just eight days after surgery.

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